Martin Devillers



In the past decade, I have passionately worked on the following projects:

Senior Software Engineer


Manhattan Initiative

Integrating the uncarrier in major smartphone vendors Apple and Samsung, enabling the next-generation of self-provisioning and auto-entitlement (e-SIM)

T-Mobile US, Inc.

2021 - current

Lead Software Engineer

Coffeeseed Platform

Singlehandedly built the Coffeeseed Transaction platform, a revolutionary new way to trade coffee from grower to roaster, aimed to disrupt the coffee supply chain.

Coffeeseed LLC

2020 - 2021

Software Architect

Digital News Delivery

Lead technical architect of the award-winning multi-brand cloud-native digital news delivery platform, serving millions of readers with high-quality content each day.

DPG Media Group

2018 - 2019

Lead Software Engineer

Braille & Audio Production

Lead engineer of the WING-project, a complete rebuild of Dedicon`s core (re)production systems, serving the visually impaired with high quality braille and audio products.

Stichting Dedicon

2016 - 2017

Lead Software Engineer

Lead engineer of the new front-office of the ov-chipkaart, serving millions of Dutch travelers each day.

Trans Link Systems BV


Lead Software Engineer


Lead engineer of ScreenConsult, a video-conferencing solution for patients and specialists.



Full Stack Developer

Kanzi AI-Survey

Full stack developer on Kanzi, an intelligent Q&A tool that uses a proprietary forward chaining inference engine to guide the user through a complex survey.

Info Support BV


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