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The foundation of future-proof software is a future-proof architecture.

An IT project is more than just writing code and meeting deadlines. Aligning IT with the objectives of the business requires vision, leadership and multidisciplinary knowledge and skills. Only then are you able to get a good answer to the following questions:

  • Is my application suitable for the expected growth?
  • Does my application comply with all laws and regulations?
  • How long is my application sustainable?
  • Is my application flexible enough to adapt to changes in the market?
  • How do I keep the operational costs of my application under control?
  • Are my customers and my own organization sufficiently prepared for my new application?

As a solution architect I help your organization tackle these issues. In doing so, I act as a bridge between business and IT. In my daily work I spar with analysts, I translate domain knowledge into technical designs and I guide the realization through development.

Solution architecture is a versatile role with strategic, tactical and operational facets. It is a role that requires a different interpretation per project and per client. A role where you determine the course one day and the other day convince people to follow that course. A role in which decisions at the strategic level lead to changes at the code level.

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  • As a solutions architect for Translink, I created a bridge between business and IT.
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