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A good developer provides a good solution. A good engineer provides the right solution.

The idea is solid, the budget is set and marketing is ready to launch the new product. One thing: it has to be built first. A good product stands or falls with the quality of its technical implementation. An organization that is looking for software developers is therefore looking for experienced software developers.

If you are looking for an experienced software developer, then look no further. Of all my skills, software development is by far the strongest. I have been happily building programs in many different languages and techniques since primary school. Whether it is for work, for study or for myself: coding gives me energy. It is my passion.

Development versus consultancy

The technological playing field has changed enormously in recent years. Techniques follow each other in rapid succession, open source software is a viable alternative to commercial packages and the cloud has turned the market upside down. A good developer must therefore not only stay up to date, but also be able to weigh different technologies and make the right decision. The issues are multifaceted and go beyond just the technological:

  • When do you build something yourself or do you use an off-the-shelf solution?
  • When do you opt for open-source or for a commercial solution (or hybrid)?
  • How do I adopt open-source in my project?
  • When do I choose the cloud, external hosting or internal (or hybrid)?

As a software consultant I help IT projects in making these choices.

Full-stack Developer

Applications consist of many facets, such as graphical interfaces, databases and web service links. As a full-stack developer I have knowledge of all these facets so that I can design and develop a stable and usable application independently or in a team. At the bottom of this page is an overview of all the stacks, packages and technologies that I have experience with.

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