Rapid Prototyping / Experience the solution

  • Rapid Prototyping
Let people experience your product before it is finished.

Innovation is the way to the future. However, it is also a road paved with many uncertainties. Is my idea feasible? How do I know if it catches on? How much do I have to invest before it works?

To deal with these uncertainties, it may be wise to first build a prototype. With this prototype, potential customers, investors and you can experience a glimpse of the end product. There are different techniques for realizing a prototype. Each with its own purpose and required effort. Examples of these techniques are wireframes, wizard of oz, walking skeleton and minimal viable product.

As a product developer, I help you choose the right prototype form to design and develop it independently or in a team. The end result consists of a presentation, visual material, a semi-finished product, a simulation or even a minimally usable product.

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  • ScreenConsult started as a prototype to test whether Skype for Business (formerly Microsoft Lync) could be used as a video-conferencing solution between practitioners and clients.
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