WING / Dedicon

  • WING architecture
  • Project war room
  • Canonical Data Model
  • AFAS Profit - Order Configuration
  • AFAS Profit - Workflow
  • Zabbix Custom Metrics

Dedicon is a non-for-profit that serves the visually impaired population of the Netherlands by making information readable, visible, audible or tangible. I really enjoyed working for Dedicon and contributing to their cause of helping our fellow impaired citizens.

As a lead dev, I was responsible for the technical design and implementation of the new production and reproduction orchestration, which processes over a million orders each year. My primary focus lay on the Broker; a sophisticated integration between the Cloud-based ERP-solution AFAS Profit and Dedicon's own internal service landscape.

  • Put Profit, the ERP-solution of AFAS, at the heart of the system, centralizing data there and minimizing alternate truths
  • Capable of processing thousands of orders in a short period (burst-processing)
  • Transaction-based, parallelized and idempotent processing of orders, maximizing throughput, minimizing fall-out, supporting recovery and disaster scenarios
  • Design and implement a Canonical Data Model to ease reasoning by domain experts and standardize messaging exchange between applications
  • Generate metrics and push telemetry to Dedicon's operations monitoring system (Zabbix)
  • Simple web-interface for operations to handle orders that failed to process
  • Implementation using well-known industry proven technologies, like Java, Spring Boot, SQL Server, XML/XSD, etc.
  • Set-up DTAP-environment, automated builds and deployments

I incorporated all the above requirements into a suitable implementation based on modern techniques and design principles.

As a tech lead, I provided guidance to the software development team of Dedicon (8 people), by introducing the Atlassian stack, automating builds, automating regression testing, introducing continuous integration and automating deployments.

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  • Project: WING
  • Client: Dedicon
  • Role: Lead Software Engineer
  • Date: 2016-2017
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