Selectives / DPG Media

  • Enjoying the annual DPG Media Hackathon called Ship It
  • Successful go live of Het Parool
  • Successful go live of Het Parool
  • Selectives teams at work
  • Het Parool being advertised in Amsterdam
  • Laura, my girlfriend, painted the Selectives logo
  • The new headquarters of DPG Media

At DPG Media, I was the architect of the Selectives platform, a multi-million-user multi-brand multi-channel cloud-first digital news delivery platform. We built cool stuff with AWS Lambda, AWS Fargate, Akamai, Appium, Applitools, Gremlin and React Native. My role was very versatile and every week was completely different. I programmed critical parts of the platform, lead the transition to the cloud, collaborated with multiple teams on high-level architecture or low-level implementation details, supported customer care with case management, lead refinements, challenged other architects, fixed production issues and drived important architectural and strategic decisions. Moreover, I brought a group of 25 amazing people forward and helped them to navigate the trenches of a 500 men IT-organization.

I enjoyed working for DPG Media as I feel that in this day and age of fake news, extremism and general uncertainty, delivering credible and high-quality news to the people is of crucial importance.

As the Selectives platform is a joint effort between the Selectives teams and more than ten supporting teams, the platform is strong in both reach, conversion and yield:

In addition to supporting development, I was the voice-of-architecture in the Product/People/Process triangle and collaborated with the other ten architects of DPG Media to align on long-term strategic goals of DPG Media on the group-level (5,000 employees).

  • Project: Selectives
  • Client: DPG Media
  • Role: Software Architect
  • Date: 2018-2019
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