Kanzi / Info Support

  • Kanzi - een raamwerk voor het ontwikkelen van slimme vragenlijsten
  • Business-rule gedreven vragenlijsten
  • Click-once deployment voor korte time to market
  • Wijzigbaar en integreerbaar voor ontwikkelaars

As a full stack developer, I made the Kanzi product "market ready". Kanzi started out as an unnamed component in an existing software solution.

As a full stack developer, I have:

  • Detached the component from the existing solution
  • Evolved the component into an independent product
  • Branded the product and launched a marketing website
  • Provided the product with documentation, marketing material and licensing model for sale
  • Supported the sales process with presentations and technical expertise
  • Facilitated the licensing process at customer

Essentially, I turned a piece of code into a profitable product.

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  • Project: Kanzi
  • Client: Info Support
  • Role: Full Stack Developer
  • Date: 2013
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