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5 May

Localizing Microsoft ReportViewer

Door Martin Devillers Op 05 May 2012

Microsoft ReportViewer Control can be localized by implementing the three IReportViewerMessages interfaces. However, the documentation of these interfaces lacks the original string values, which in turn makes it difficult to provide a proper translation. In this blog, a complete listing of these values and a Dutch implementation of IReportViewerMessages are presented.

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10 Feb

Good gravy, I won an award!

Door Martin Devillers Op 10 February 2012

The Aia Software Thesis Awards ceremony was held on 10 February 2012. It was a very fun day. I got to meet Erik Meijer, Anarchist Software Architect at Microsoft. My friends and family got to see a glimpse of my geeky side. And there were a lot of old colleagues and class mates which I caught up with.

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