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Als a <user> I want to <goal> so that I <reason>.

Application design is an underappreciated field. I regularly find applications where the step from idea to implementation has been made, without first considering the three fundamental design questions:

  • Who are your users?
  • What do they want to achieve?
  • Why do they want to achieve that?

Without answering these questions, you risk investing time, money and energy in building the wrong solution for the wrong target groups for the wrong reasons. As an application designer I get the answers to these questions and I make sure everyone understands what we do for whom and why.

In cooperation with domain experts, information analysts and product owners I design a solution that fits the wishes of the organization. I translate technological matters into a business-readable format, so non-techies can understand the (im)possibilities of technology. Vice versa, I lay down functional requirements in such a way that techies understand what needs to be done. In this way a design is created that fits the organization and uses the power of IT.

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  • As a product owner of Kanzi, I solved many design challenges in order to create the right product.
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