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My role as a lead software engineer

As a lead software engineer I am responsible for the technical design and implementation of ScreenConsult. In addition to the usual work required for a web-based cloud-based solution, I have achieved an in-depth integration with Skype for Business (then Microsoft Lync). The quality of this integration is one of the critical success factors of ScreenConsult.

My role as a product developer

As a product developer, I help the product owner with the further development of the ScreenConsult concept. Because ScreenConsult uses state-of-the-art video-conferencing techniques, it is important to involve technology in the product design process. As a product developer, I am constantly balancing between what the customer wants, what fits within the budget and what is technically feasible. The goal is to use the power of technology as much as possible with as little effort as possible. Due to this strategy, we have succeeded in launching ScreenConsult as a powerful yet affordable proposition in the market.

What is ScreenConsult?

ScreenConsult is a simple video-conferencing solution for patients and specialists. Thanks to ScreenConsult, hospitals and treatment centers can easily extend their services with the modern remote-consultation concept. ScreenConsult is completely cloud-based and requires no separate software: a browser and a webcam are sufficient to use ScreenConsult. In addition, ScreenConsult works on all modern platforms, including smartphones and tablets.

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  • Project: ScreenConsult
  • Client: Rijnstate
  • Role: Lead Software Engineer
  • Date: 2014
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