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6 Jul

Strong Naming Third-party Assemblies

Door Martin Devillers Op 06 July 2014

Strong naming has caused a religious war in the Open Source .NET-community. If you are a writing a third-party library or you simply are a .NET-enthusiast, then you will definitely want to read this extensive thread on NuGet. You will learn a lot about strong naming, its implications and the pickle the Open Source community is currently in. Be warned, the thread is long, contains heated debates and has been running for over three years.

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4 Mar

Easy way to improve DbEntityValidationException of Entity Framework

Door Martin Devillers Op 04 March 2013

DbEntityValidationException is the exception thrown by Entity Framework when entity validation fails. While this exception is extremely valuable, the exception message omits the most important bit of information: The actual validation errors. In this blog, I present a quick and easy way to unwrap and rethrow these exceptions with a more meaningful message.

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